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Arts & Crafts

When you hear the words “Arts & Crafts” do you think of your grandmothers crocheted Afghans, or do you have found memories of your last visit to a craft show where you saw all sorts of wonderful handcrafted items?

Crocheting is certainly a craft, and crocheted Afghans are certainly homemade items, but too many times people do not realize just how creative one can be when they pursue a popular craft. You can make more than just Afghans.

Nothing is more relaxing than taking mediums of thread, cloth or paper and turning them into ones own style of art. Warm quilts to keep one warm at night, dolls for little girls to hug, scarves to keep men warm as they work outdoors and wooden toys that keep children occupied for hours that teach creativity and improve fine motor skills.

All of these items can be crafted, and handmade gifts usually have more sentimental value when given.

About This Wiki

This wiki was created to help inform others about the many popular types of crafts that are available. Yes, most people purchase mass-produced, but if you want to create something that was made with loving hands and made to last a lifetime, you can’t go wrong when making it yourself.

Our goal is to have articles about every type of craft. We are accepting just about any new page about crafts. Feel free to help out with existing articles, too. Any contributions would be helpful.

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